Triple Helix

Created for a consortium of three academic partners—academia, industry, and think tank—this notion features a stylized triple-helix as a “torch” of sorts, topped with a flame in the form of a Canadian maple leaf towards indicating the origins and focus of the venture. To this end, the organization becomes an instrument of knowledge that one can acquire, weld, and share with their own hands. Complementing this perception is the caduceus-like quality to the graphic which in turn yields an added historical flourish. Specifically, an allusion to the messengers and heralds in ancient Greek and Roman mythology (e.g., Mercury) who were said to hold such wands as a matter of bringing news and developments to people and places near and afar with speed, just as Triple Helix will strive to accomplish with its research and discussion aims. Moreover, given that one of the three partners in the venture is an aerospace concern, the strands of the helix can also be taken as the contrails from three fighter jets that have soared into the sky, carrying with them the swift, sure, and sound knowledge the partnership seeks to provide. Finally, the interlaced curves of the helix might also symbolize as fibre optic cables and/or the flow and fluidity of information as yet another homage to the collective’s emphasis on technology.

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