Tracy-Lynn 50th Birthday

If there is one thing I know about my sister—and which anyone else who knows her—it is that nothing brings her more joy than a homemade gift. To this end (and without any other clue as to what to buy her for this auspicious occasion), I created an insignia designed to commemorate my sister’s 50th birthday. The “front” crest (so designated as it was designed to appear on the front of a t-shirt) is comprised of a stylized ink drawing of her visage along with her birth and occasion year. It also features eight stars, representing four children, three grand-children, and Tracy herself. The second, “back” graphic was created to complement the front crest in the fashion of a tour shirt and boasts her “decan” (the dominant specific division of her birth-sign), three glyphs representing her birth sign (Babylonian, Medieval, and Astronomical), and a summary description particular to her birthdate.
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