Stick Around

This is Lenny Fidkalo: a man whose name is probably most familiar to those acquainted with the 1960s music scene in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To this day he remains a recognizable and ostensibly iconic thread in the fabric of the city’s musical tapestry (indeed, one might even go so far to say that he is a “drummer laureate” of the town). And so, when I read a newspaper article commemorating his 75th birthday, I felt compelled to contribute to the occasion. Thus, we see Lenny perched behind a portion of his kit in humble and weathered surroundings wearing an equally unassuming—but no less confident, seasoned, and assured—grin that speaks to the sum total of his experience, passion, and love of music. Behind him, a faithful metronome ticks away as a matter of time, rhythm, and memories past, one of which appears as a picture of Fidkalo from an earlier era. Through the windows, we catch a glimpse of the city he calls home and the skies that, although ominous, are incapable of distracting him from his playing—no matter the degree of wind, rain, and thunder they might dispense—as he prepares to drum up a storm of his own.

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