Solution Focused Inc.

It was my intention to devise a graphic that visually emphasized the overarching and complementary aspects of care and complexity of task. Thus, a heart was used as the predominant visual cue towards reflecting the intrinsic compassion and empathy of the consultant’s work. The triangles so integral to the existing logo are “cradled” within as an homage to the diversity of audiences addressed and knowledge offered. Additionally, the logo features a smooth curve as metaphor of sorts for the fluidity of emotions and the ebb and flow of life events that might often create a demand for her services (hence also the subtle Ying-Yang design influence). Its shape is also intended to connote a path or stream one might walk on their way to wellness and to imbue the graphic with somewhat of an illusionary quality. That is, one can see the shape as either the bottom edge of the red heart, or as the right edge of the shape housing the triangles, making the appearance and meaning of the logo that much more enigmatic. When it comes to mosaic in the logo, I aimed for a stylized sunrise over a forest and lake/ocean as a mark of renewal and rediscovered personal brilliance, as well as the topography of the client’s residence. A diverse palette of colours was used to both reflect the spectrum of services and expertise on offer. Finally, a more contemporary typeface with wide letter spacing was added to allow the entirety of the logo to “breathe” and create the added perception of limitlessness, optimism, and clarity.
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