Screen Capture

I crafted this illustration as a surprise wedding gift for my cousin, who, will no-doubt track me down for my clandestine act of mischief. For context, she and her sister co-conspired with me on an earlier project and this time, I thought it might be “fun” to betray my former partner in crime with the assistance of her sibling (there truly is no honour among thieves…and did I mention that the bride is an avid hunter?) My goal was to present an array of selected images in a way that would broadcast (in this case, literally) some of the happiest moments of her special day, hence the vintage televisions. Additionally, the sets are branded as “ERICKSON,” after the groom’s surname. The expansive field and treeline reflect the couple’s living on the prairies of rural Manitoba and their mutual love of the woods respectively. Capping things off is a moody sky that becomes more brilliant and warm as it nears and embraces the happy couple as they embrace and find safety, light, and warmth in each other.

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