Pleasure Wall

I made the aquaintance of a woman who, in revealing her affections for me, conjured the image of a room of passion. Indeed, the title of the piece (which she also inspired) was a work of inspiration and in truth, one I wish was my own brainchild. It was a notion that I simply could not let go of for it captured me in so many ways. She had her concept, and I had my flair. It was a little terrifying because as an artist, you not only want to capture the heart and essence of the source thinker, but inject your own inclinations to make it all-the-more real and inclusive for both parties. As such, here we find a parted corner of walls whose cleft (nor the windy weather above) still cannot extinguish the flames of passion they protect, the bed red with the sexual expenditure of all that proceeded its disarray.

©1998-2023 Chris Pavlik // Force Ten Design.