Make It Personnel

The overall theme of this concept is meant to reflect the craft and care demanded by sensitive academic writing as symbolized by the shape of a classic calligraphy nib. Contained in the graphic is a human silhouette that appears to be gazing upwards in a show of progress, optimism, and advocacy. One might also interpret the face as peering and/or coming out from behind some unknown barrier or shadow to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. Stepping back from the graphic a little further, the visage comes to reflect a decidedly feminine quality. That is, the white portion of the bottom left-hand convex curve of the graphic can be taken as the negative space “shoulder” of the visage in the nib while the complementary black portion opposite can be perceived as a long swath of hair draped thereover. The top curvature of the graphic further emphasizes the subject of authorship by mimicking the shape of an open book (or as an extension of the hair that has been parted). A bold font was used for the word “personnel” to purvey a sense of authority, certainty, and strength while the black and white colour scheme creates the impression of an enterprise that specializes in a direct approach to its work and emphasizes content and skill over image.
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