Hinton Software Solutions

Created for a scaffolding enterprise, this was one of those rare projects that yielded an outcome that was as enigmatic as it was simplistic. Equally fortunate was the shared admiration for M.C. Esher between the owner and me as a matter of pulling the whole idea together. Here, an impossible “H” worthy of the great artist himself connotes the feeling of traversing space forwards and backwards, upside-down and right-side-up all at the same time. Going further, the shape of the “H” represents a number of scaffolding and software-related ideas. For example, the basic physical gridwork of the structures and the stairways between different levels of platforms, or a connection between two entirely different buildings. One might also take the emblem as symbolizing a conduit of information amongst a multiple project management processes with all-encompassing competency, flexibility, and imagination.
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