Higher Learning

I love a good caper. And one presented itself the moment a dear friend of mine showed me a high school graduation picture of his daughter over lunch (she was sitting opposite us, making my scheme all-the-more enticing). I leaned over and whispered “Send that to me: I have an idea.” And here we are! We see her standing tall in the deep, murky, and uncertain waters of her future with messages of acceptance making their way to her (or requests of admission flowing outwards) as an echo of her acumen and confidence. Perched upon jagged uncertainty, she looks out, far from the shores of home and safety towards her own potential. In the distance, a falcon flies headstrong out of the storm of its origins to the horizon, towards the prey of its future as both a signal and example. This is my friend. This is her heart and ambition aflight. Free to follow and capture her dreams, utter boundlessness of ambition and achievement. On a side note, I have often heard that my works convey a feeling of unease and tension in terms of perception and interpretation. I have also never worked with a subject whose presence might complement such observations to so applicable a degree. To wit, the manner her cautious and fearless expression meets with the drama and atmosphere of her surroundings. This was a project that was meant to be, whether I had anything to say about it or not.

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