A dear friend of mine from high school (don’t ask the number of years ago as it would have you question the very definition of “immortality”) informed me of her parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. I just had to act upon this piece of information. Sixty years. I can’t even fathom even knowing anyone for that amount of time (or worse yet, them knowing me!) She sent me a series of photographs to commemorate the occasion, one of which immediately commanded my attention. And so, we have the innocence of a drive-in theater featuring a model car of the year they were married with two onlookers taking in their very future. The sky is moody to reflect the sometimes-turbulent nature of marriage with the luminescence of the screen protecting the couple’s enduring ability to shine through it all.

Back in the day, when all seemed so enduring and hopeful in their eyes, to the present wherein I strive to see as such it through them.

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