In autumn of 2020, I took a few photographs of local landmarks and happened to rediscover one of them as a potential candidate subject for a new work. It was a standout picture on its own, but needed a little extra “something” to make it distinct. Rotating the image 90 degrees clockwise afforded it the desired mystique as one is unaccustomed to seeing vertical structures in such an aspect: a point of playful confusion accentuated further by the attendant reorientation of natural lighting. It was my original intention to feature the illustration in colour, but found that assembling it in black and white not only saved me the work of tinting other design elements towards creating a more “plausible” eyescape, but permitted for a more immediate perception of contrast and dimensionality. Put another way, the use of such a limited palette promotes a sense of drama, capture, and focus for lack of added sensory distractions (i.e., colours). As for my own interpretations, intentions, and motivations in coming up with this, well, there are many. Your take on it all would—at least—comprise a much more fascinating discussion and at best, save us all on group psychoanalysis fees.
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