Dear Leigh, Departed

A young woman traveller surveils a barren landscape wearing a curious, contemplative (if not wholly surreal) air of relaxed satisfaction whilst the plane that brought her there sails off to another destination. Is she fulfilling some lifelong pursuit of adventure and solitude? Is it a wish-fulfilment dreamscape depicting a long-awaited liberation from the manacles of an abusive relationship? Or is she in fact some antichrist-like figure scouting out a new territory in which to establish a fresh hell on Earth? The caption itself maintains boasts an enigmatic property along these lines. For example, it could be taken as the opening line of a goodbye letter, a reference to her death, or a simple statement of mind in the context of sanity or hysteria. Whatever the suggestion in terms of optics and title, our subject seems pleased with her surroundings to our ultimate curiosity: points of interest that seemingly render us all the more curious to ourselves. Also, those keen of eye will notice that the serial number on the plane (CUL8TR) reads phonetically as “see you later”: a last jab sentiment shared by our subject when it comes to the abandonment of her past.
©1998-2023 Chris Pavlik // Force Ten Design.