Brain Trust

Two wooden mannequins with no minds of their own gingerly handle the brain of their creator, careful not to let it fall to its ruin on the concrete platform below. On one level, the illustration can be taken as a metaphor for the clumsiness of our bodies as compared to the nimble nuances of thought; a narrative on the sharing and transfer of ideas; or perhaps a commentary on sports-related injuries. On another, it can be seen as an act of rescuing one’s psyche from a repressed fear, nightmare, or some other injurious emotional episode, represented here by a vigilant shark swimming in deep, murky waters only a few feet away. Whatever you make of the concept, there is no disputing the fact our brains (and the notions, functions, and motions they facilitate) demand physical and psychological care and protection whenever possible.
©1998-2023 Chris Pavlik // Force Ten Design.