High above the reach of a distant mountain range north of reality, three intrepid youngsters join each other in a shared dream of adventure and camaraderie. Tethered to their “ballune” (a hybrid of the words “balloon” and “lune,” the French word for “moon”), their range, access, and altitude is rendered virtually limitless where the proximity of the Earth below is concerned. In the fading light of day, our trio navigates the spine of the Milky Way like some celestial path towards the embedded unknowns of their quest, like a rendezvous with that dragon on the far horizon. Or, it may be that they are sailing for home, aloft on the currents of dawn, laden with a cache of stories to share in their waking lives. Either way, it all begs a profoundly simple, yet impactful question: “Where would you like to go tonight?”
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